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The key to vibrant new health using the science of food & plant medicine

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Trained-in-Hormone-Cure-BadgeIf you are like many of my clients, you’ve read a ton of books and blogs and found there is a lot of contradictory advice out there.  It is hard to know where to start.  Let me help you.  Helping women figure out how to bring healthy habits into their lives in a way that is enjoyable and lasts is what I love to do! I’ve done the work and the research.  I know what works.  Don’t wait another minute, let’s do this for you and the people you love.  

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Health Coach

My passion is empowering people to take back their health!  Once a person realizes that it is “not the cards they are dealt – but how they play their hand,” a life of optimal health and wellness becomes within their reach!

Everyone is on their own journey to realize the health that is their birthright.  It is through evolving on my own journey that I am able to empathize with others and meet them where they are at as their personal health coach.  My journey began many years ago as I struggled with terrible eczema, hay fever, indoor allergies, and allergies to dogs and cats.

Through working on myself and educating myself on the power of foods and natural medicine, I have learned what it takes to become free of chronic health issues for life and maintain hormone harmony!  I have spent years studying herbal medicine and nutrition and I am able to break down the science in a way that is easy for my clients to understand. My methods are simple and powerful!



I am a board certified as a Certified Nutrition Specialist℠ Professional (CNS), through the CNBS.  Studying different ways of nourishing your body with food (aka “diets”), is the way I know exactly how you should be nourishing your body for optimal health and wellness, to support the reversal chronic conditions, and to simply feel fantastic!

Vegan? Paleo? Gluten-free?  No worries – I have a system that will work for you!

I have published numerous articles on nutrition and herbal medicine in regional and national magazines, and the peer-reviewed journal of Phytotherapy Research.  I have enjoyed teaching courses on wellness at the university level, and presenting topics related to herbal medicine and nutrition at the U.S. Botanic Gardens in Washington DC, national trade shows, and area businesses.  

Prior to establishing a private practice in Neenah, Wisconsin, I practiced herbal medicine and nutrition in a number of clinics in the Washington DC area and Maryland.


After finally reaching a breaking point, I came to Rebecca as a 21 year old with hormonal imbalances, unstable blood sugar, chronic eczema, acne, and high levels of stress/anxiety. Over the course of several months, Rebecca helped me clear my head of confusion and misinformation from the internet, books, and the latest nutritional fads; instead, she helped me to establish a personal relationship with my body. She is incredibly methodical, intelligent, and empathic. Her deliberate approach kept me from trying every change at once, and she instead forced me to calm down and listen to my body. With her guidance, I discovered what foods make me feel good, and which ones don't; I developed ways to keep pressure from manifesting as stress; I stabilized my blood sugar and got my energy back; I've become much wiser about my body and my needs and now live my life more in accordance with those needs. Rebecca is a wealth of knowledge and incredibly generous with her time and spirit. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


I signed up for the 90 day program with Rebecca because I had significant pain in my joints and muscles that I believed was caused by the foods I was eating. I thought I would learn how to make healthy choices to improve my health and lose weight, but I ended up learning so much more! I have learned many valuable things but the 2 most important ones were about self-sabotage and listening to my body. After working with Rebecca for 90 days I have completely changed the way I eat, the weight is coming off and the pain is gone. I have gone from being very sedentary because of the pain to out walking every day and now I’m adding more forms of exercise into my life. I feel so empowered! I know there is nothing standing in the way of achieving my goals as long as I stay focused. Thanks, Rebecca!


“I have been doing so well keeping my weight healthy with the habits I learned … I do have to say I have never gone back to my start weight (or even close) from two years ago which is so fantastic!!!”


"My refrigerator looks completely different than it used to and I don’t dread grocery shopping any more.  I eat so much better, I sleep better and I feel great!  I feel like I spend less and my family loves the new recipes I’ve tried."


"Rebecca offered me a well constructed experience that contributed to an improved overall health and wellbeing. She guided me with personalized techniques that enhanced my physical, emotional, and mental health. As a result of working with her I feel as though my personal goals were met and I recommend her professional skills to anyone"


“After years of battling being tired, bloated, wanting to shed some extra pounds and consistent facial blemishes, I purchased Rebecca’s Jumpstart Program. Within one week of taking her advice, my bloating was gone and I have continued to lose weight, increase my energy and my skin is radiant! I highly recommend utilizing Rebecca’s knowledge to become the best you can be!!!”


"I was feeling stuck, and couldn’t figure out how to make progress in reducing anxiety and sleeping better. I tried a few different things, but there’s only so far that you can get on your own, especially when there’s too much information to sort through. Was it hormonal imbalances? Age related? Or real life problems? Rebecca helped me figure out what was blocking me, what my first priority ought to be, and guided me on what nutritional supplements to take. Now I have less general anxiety and sleep much better. I am very pleased with the results, and recommend Rebecca's assistance to anyone searching for health improvement."



Herbal Medicine

I have a Master of Science degree in Herbal Medicine from the Maryland University of Integrative Health in Laurel, Maryland, the only accredited graduate school in the U.S. to confer this degree.  The Herbal Medicine program is a rigorous 90 credit, three year course of graduate study, inclusive of 1,000 clinical hours in the MUIH Natural Care Clinic.  

I am also certified as a Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild.  Additionally, my membership in the American College of Nutrition keeps me up to date on the latest science related to food and health.  The power of herbal medicine never ceases to amaze me, as I continue to apply the brilliance of natural remedies to support the health of my clients.


Being Strong

As a Certified Kettlebell Instructor, I am able to offer clients a proven method for getting strong and toned without bulky muscles.  Kettlebell training is an exceptional means of rapidly achieving strength, cardio fitness and hormone health.  I can honestly say that I am stronger now than I was in my 20s!  Kettlebell training pays attention to proper body mechanics and alignment, while making safety and injury prevention a top priority.  

If you are not able to work with me locally, I will find a Certified Instructor for you in your area of the country.